Saturday, June 14, 2014

Still in NZ

The last few days have stretched the learning curve! We were given a car the 1st day here and was told "you're in God's hands now!" I think they meant it literally. They drive on the wrong side of the road with different light arrangements and with round-a-bouts on every other intersection. They are quick to honk (probably have good reason in my case) but extremely courteous in allowing one to change lanes.(thank goodness or who knows where we would be by now?) Being that everything in operating the car is on the opposite side, my goal is to go through a day without turning the wipers on as I'm making a turn. I'm doing better though, only turned them on 3 times yesterday! I'll be so glad to get to Niue where we don't have to use blinkers. I had better tell you (before Carolyn can make fun at my expense)that we were given a really nice Hundai diesel and told 2 or 3 times to make sure that we don't put gas in the tank--only diesel. Of course that's only logical and when it was time to get fuel(Carolyn reminds me-not that I needed reminding) I drive right up to the green hose and fill the car up. I go in to pay and find out that I put "gas" in the tank. Green in NZ is for the low grade of gas. Two hrs later we were on our way with nothing hurt but my pride. Now for the good stuff! We met a man, 73yr old Ray, who thought I might work in the grocery store we were in, (probably because of the way I was dressed and had the name tag on.) We talked with him for 30-45min and he committed to invite the missionaries in the next time they come by.(He said fairly often) We went and visited a Niuean couple at the request of the missionaries assigned to the Niuean ward and had a very good visit with them. We got him to commit to doing what he needs to do and set the month of Oct to be baptized. They are planning a trip to Niue then, and wants to be baptized there. We attended a traditional Niuean "hair cutting" last evening. We got to eat some real Niuean food for the 1st time while being here. Very good! We got news that our visas have arrived had a chance to go to Niue yesterday. But we had already made some commitments so we will fly out this next Sat. Ato to tohi foki, Elder Mavy

Friday, June 13, 2014


After our 2ond day in NZ, I thought I better write something before I forget everything concerning our trip here.  On the way to the airport, Sheila and Kyla, who were taking us, graciously agreed to stop by and see our newest grandson who was born about 1 1/2 wks earlier.  (Kip &Amy's)  What a good sendoff it was!  Flying to LA was nice as we were upgraded to 1st class.  So wish the flight to NZ could have been!  We arrived in LA with 2 1/2 hrs to make our connecting flight and only took 2hrs/10min of the allotted time.  Had I known we had so much time to spare, we wouldn't have hurried!  We did get in conversations with  5 delightful people sharing what we are about and finding out about them.  The flight to NZ was 13 hrs which took all night and very little opportunity to converse with anybody.  When we arrived, we were met by 2 senior missionaries and 2 of our Niuean friends who are like family.  We were taken to our apartment, given a car and were told we would meet the mission pres the next day.  (He was on his way back from the island, Niue, where we will be going)  We did a little shopping-then a little napping.  In the evening, a few of our Niuean friends came over to assist us in connecting with the internet.  They were a great help!  We talked and  shared memories of the past and had a delightful time.
   Today, we got to tour the missionary training center. Nice experience and learned a few things about preparing the missionaries for service.  We then met with our mission pres. who filled us in on current conditions on Niue and what he would like us to work on.  The only down side is we still have to wait for our visas to arrive.  Probably a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, we have the ability to choose what we're about.  So if we can refrain from getting into any auto accidents,we will be visiting as many Niueans here in the Auckland area as we can.
  Ato to tohi foki,  Elder Mavy  

Sunday, June 8, 2014